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How Can Honeywell’s Operational Intelligence Help Your Business?

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What is Operational Intelligence?

Operational Intelligence is a Honeywell IT asset-monitoring solution that offers your business a new perspective on IT asset challenges—from the inside out. It’s a centralized, cloud-based platform that:

  • Manages the complete lifecycle of IT assets, people, and tasks—all on a single platform
  • Bridges the gaps commonly missed by Asset Management or Mobile Device Management solutions

Reduce a Wide Range of Costs

For business owners, IT assets can carry a long list of “not so hidden” costs such as missing devices, battery-refresh costs, and printer downtime. And, especially for larger enterprises, these costs can add up fast. For example, according to Honeywell research, grocery chains see an average of 600 missing devices a year—and for major retailers, this number jumps to 4,000 missing devices per year. Similarly, battery-refresh costs—which on average hit $6.5 million for major distributors—are unnecessary 30% of the time. And for major manufacturers, 10 minutes of printer downtime can lead to an average cost of $1,000 per production line.

But Honeywell’s Operational Intelligence solution can deliver obvious ROI by helping solve a range of the most difficult IT-asset challenges, including:

Honeywell Operational Intelligence Offerings

Three Offerings, One Platform Discover the Possibilities with Operational Intelligence

Whatever your business’ areas of operational need, Operational Intelligence has an efficiency-boosting answer. Its trio of offerings on a single platform include:

  1. Performance Basic for insights on device usage, software consistency, and more
  2. Performance Professional for software updates, locationing, device recovery, health-crisis response, bad-battery elimination, and more
  3. Service Management for managing RMAs and SLAs—and reducing the cost of “no fault found” returns by as much as 50%

Operational Intelligence

Feature Basic Professional Service
Core Device Metrics Yes Yes
Battery Health Yes Yes
Software & Device Usage Yes Yes
Drop Detect & Event Logging Yes Yes
Asset Check-In/Out Yes
Cleaning Alerts Yes
Social Distancing Proximity Alerts Yes
People Counting Yes
Remote Control & Wipe Yes
Bad Battery Elimination Yes
Software Updates Yes
Configurable Alerts Yes
Automatic Site Update by Device Yes
Indoor Locationing/Device Finder Yes
Repair Depot Integration Yes
SLAs, Contract Renewals, NFF Returns Yes
Spare Pool Management Yes

Health Crisis Response Feature

Ready to Put Operational Intelligence to Work For Your Business?

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