Don't Get Stuck with Obsolete Devices in 2020

Dont Get Stuck with Obsolete Devices in 2020

Carlton Will Manage Your Device Migration to Android from Start to Finish


Microsoft ends support for Windows mobile operating systems this year. The time is now to upgrade RF guns, barcode scanners, mobile computers, printers, and other data capture devices running Windows mobile. 

Want your critical technology to be covered for the next decade? Managing a full migration in-house is a big risk to take on in the name of cost savings.

A complex device migration is better suited with a trusted, Honeywell Platinum partner like Carlton.


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Honeywell's Mobility Edge™ Platform is a more complete, flexible, and secure approach to enabling mobile workflow across your organization:

  • Accelerate Deployments - One time app update across all devices
  • Optimize Performance - Faster, more accurate data capture
  • Extend the Lifecycle - Lower total cost of ownership, guaranteed support through Android R
  • Strengthen Security - Regular patches every 30-90 days

Download the "Benefits of a Unified Platform for Mobile Computing" White Paper


Mobility Edge Platform - Honeywell - Carlton Technologies, Inc



Honeywell products are best-in-class, especially for a migration to Android. Devices like the CK65, CT60, and VM1A are built extremely rugged, run faster, remain stable, and are more secure than competing hardware.

For a successful migration, we recommend the following Android-ready mobile computers, scanners, and printers from Honeywell. Each device has a free spec sheet to download for additional details.

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